Serial No Photo Name Designation Contact Number Email
1 Mr. Md. Mamun-Ul-Mannan Mr. Md. Mamun-Ul-Mannan Chief Accounts and Finance Officer Tel: 02-41030289 Cell: 01318380273
2  Mr. Mr. Deputy Chief Accounts and Finance Officer Tel: 02-41030294 Cell: 01318380346
3 Mr. Md. Golam Murtaza Mr. Md. Golam Murtaza Deputy Chief Accounts and Finance Officer Tel: 02-41030291 Cell: 01712203920
4  Mrs. Fowzia Sultana Mrs. Fowzia Sultana Deputy Chief Accounts and Finance Officer Cell: 01916677978
5 Mr. Md. Nazrul Isalm Mr. Md. Nazrul Isalm Deputy chief accounts and finance officer 01913056480
6 Mr. Ali Azzam Mr. Ali Azzam Audit and Accounts officer Cell: 01715951017
7  Mr. MD. Sahadat Hossain Mr. MD. Sahadat Hossain Audit and Accounts officer Cell: 01818076290
8 Mr. Bishojit Kumar Ghosh Mr. Bishojit Kumar Ghosh Audit and Accounts officer Cell: 01912476516
9 Mr. Mohammad Golam Mostafa Mr. Mohammad Golam Mostafa Audit and Accounts officer Cell: 01712082075
10 Mrs. Mahmuda Khatun Mrs. Mahmuda Khatun Audit & Accounts Officer 01733498971
11  Mr. A Z M Hafiz Mr. A Z M Hafiz Audit and Accounts Officer Cell: 01813584914
12 Mr. Atiar Rahman Mr. Atiar Rahman Audit & Accounts Officer 01936826015
13 Mr. Mohammad Rezaul Karim Mr. Mohammad Rezaul Karim Audit & Accounts Officer 01819818028
14 Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan Md. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan Audit & Accounts Officer 01726022093
15 Mr. Mohammad Shofiqul Islam Mr. Mohammad Shofiqul Islam Audit & Accounts Officer 01714613876
16 Mrs. Sayada Nasima Akter Mrs. Sayada Nasima Akter Audit & Accounts Officer 01862281754
17 Mrs. Sanjida Sultana Mahmud Smita Mrs. Sanjida Sultana Mahmud Smita Audit & Accounts Officer 01757563641
18 Mrs. Nazneen Sultana Mrs. Nazneen Sultana Audit & Accounts Officer 01630273204
19  Mrs. Poly Das Mrs. Poly Das SAS Suparintandant Cell: 01924981580
20 Mrs. Mst. Rebeka Islam Mrs. Mst. Rebeka Islam SAS Superintendent 01911406586
21 Mrs. Begum Safina Mrs. Begum Safina SAS Superintendent 01715440756
22 Mr. Md. Faridul Islam Mr. Md. Faridul Islam SAS Superintendent 01318380327
23 Mrs. Shamima Jerin Mrs. Shamima Jerin SAS Superintendent 01712222951
24 Mr. Shifur Rahman Mr. Shifur Rahman SAS Superintendent 01621434213
25 Mr. Morshed Alam Mr. Morshed Alam SAS Superintendent 01840651805
26  Mr. Md. Wazed Ali Mr. Md. Wazed Ali Auditor Cell: 01727476514
27 Mr. MD. Sirajul Islam Mr. MD. Sirajul Islam Auditor Cell: 01718185575
28  Mr. Kazi Monzur Hosain Mr. Kazi Monzur Hosain Auditor Cell: 01911173480
29  Mr. Shadedel Ahmed Mr. Shadedel Ahmed Auditor Cell: 01728131576
30 Mr. MD. Azad Rahman Mr. MD. Azad Rahman Auditor Cell: 01832419295
31 Mr.  Shanowar Morshed Chowdhury Mr. Shanowar Morshed Chowdhury Auditor Cell: 01671638009
32 Mr. Razib Sarkar Mr. Razib Sarkar Auditor Cell: 01725891387
33  Mr. Utpol Chandra Das Mr. Utpol Chandra Das Auditor Cell: 01715304092
34  Mrs. Shahin Ara Khatun Mrs. Shahin Ara Khatun Auditor Cell: 01963086404
35  Mrs. Sheuli Akter Mrs. Sheuli Akter Auditor Cell: 01914671454
36  Mrs. Israt Zahan Mrs. Israt Zahan Auditor 01717634822
37 Mrs. Sherin Akhter Mrs. Sherin Akhter Auditor 01710003874
38 Mrs. Sammi Akter Mrs. Sammi Akter Auditor 01956892628
39 Mr. Md. Abdur Rouf Mr. Md. Abdur Rouf Auditor 01714334483
40 Mr. Md. Monirul Islam Mr. Md. Monirul Islam Auditor 01735929289
41 Mr. MD. Kamal Mian Mr. MD. Kamal Mian Auditor (PA to CAFO) Tel: 02-41030289 Cell: 01989029432

  • Phone:
    +880 9609 000 555
    +8802-41030290, +8802-41030296

  • Hishab Bhaban (3rd Floor)
    Segunbagicha, Dhaka-1000
    Open (09:00 AM to 05:00 PM)

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